The function of EPE foam recycling machine

The function of EPE foam recycling machine

The EPE foam recycling machine supplied by Jinlida company includes crushing, plastifying, changing net auto, cooling, cutting and loading, the products is dense particle, smooth surface, this machine is mainly used in waste material recycling, such as EPE, PE, PO, PP, ABS.   The extruder of this machine is adopted exhaust structure, exclusion the gas generated from the process of plastify.  The die head is equiped with hydraulic lifting and descending non-stop exchange filter device, which can improve the production efficiency.

Main technical data:







Screw Dia.(mm)



Main motor power(KW)



Deputy motor power(KW)



Production capacity

75 kg/h

125 kg/h




Granulate power(KW)



Overall dimension(m)



The craftsman spirit of professional, absorption and specialization, from the set up in 2003 until now, we specialized in EPE foaming machine and its ancillary equipment, and we always humbly accept the rationalization proposal of customer’s, under the constantly development, improvement and innovation of technical staff, our EPE foam sheet making machine far ahead of the counterparts.

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