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The difference of EPE foaming thickening , coating machine and the laminating machine

EPE foaming thickening machine  

The design aim is to thicken the epe foaming sheet, it  is the special equipment to do deep processing. The thickness of many epe foaming sheet produced by one time can not meet the customer’s requirement, so that it need the thickening machine to do the deep processing to meet the thickness requirement. The working process of the thickening machine is to unwinding the rolling sheet, heating, bonding, rolling, cooling and winding.

EPE foaming coating machine 

Melting the plastic granule at high temperature, adjusting the coating extruder capacity and roller speed, filming between the plastic sheet and plastic film evenly after extruding, after the pressing by roller, the products will with uniform and clear pattern on the surface, good third dimension, safety and environmental, high rate of finished product, which is deeply favored by domestic and oversea. This machine can laminates the EPE foam sheet, PU foam sheet, EVA foam sheet, sponge with plastic film, craft paper, aluminium film, nonwoven fabric material.

EPE foaming laminating machine 

This machine is mainly used in laminating the PE film, aluminium foil, plastic-coated paper and other material on the surface of EPE foaming sheet. Which is adopted special constant temperature roller and auto opening and closing rubber covered roller, unreeling auto, and rolling auto with the advantages of high production efficiency, fastness laminated film , operating easily . The laminated epe foaming sheet is with higher strength, anti-water, more beautiful, can be printed words and pattern.

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