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How to distinguish the quality of epe foaming

The method to distinguish the epe foaming : EPE foam sheet is foaming shaped product, it is light weight, so that it is with a certain extent of compression buffer. To distinguish the quality of epe foaming, generally we check it from the following items:
 How to distinguish the quality of epe foaming

1.Looking the limpness,only the strong softness epe foam can show good protection function during the transportation, it’s important .

2.Looking the heat insulation property, many products has the temperature request during their transportation, if the temperature is not matched the requirement, there will not be good effect, and which likely will cause the dispute between both sides.

3.Looking the waterproof property, the other important index of epe foam is waterproof capacity, generally, epe foam is the independent sir bubble foam material, this is for product be avoided to  outside weather’s affect during transportation.

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